Introduction to Game Theory


Set 1
Introduction and motivation
Introduction to Game Theory lez1.pdf
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Set 2
Game representation and the first solution concepts
Introduction to Game Theory lez2.pdf
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Set 3
Dynamic games with complete information
Introduction to Game Theory lez3.pdf
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Set 4
Dynamic games with incomplete information
Introduction to Game Theory lez4.pdf
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Assignment 1
due March 21st
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Assignment 2
due March 28th
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Assignment 3
due April 10th
assignment 3.pdf
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Eric Rasmusen (2006) Games and Information: An Introduction to Game Theory, 4th ed., Wiley-Blackwell


  1. Ian Ayres (1990), Playing games with the law Stanford Law Review 42:1291
  2. I.P.L. P'ng (1983), Strategic Behavior in Suit, Settlement, and Trial, The Bell Journal of Economics 14(2):539-550
  3. Charles A. Holt and Lisa R. Anderson (1996), Classroom Games: Understanding Bayes' Rule, The Journal of Economic Perspectives 10(2):179-187 


Exam 15 05 15
Written exam of Game Theory proposed May 15th 2015
Exam GT Galileiana 15052015.pdf
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Labour Economics


Set 1
The competitive model
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Set 2
Equilibrium unemployment - Search model
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Set 3
Unions, collective bargaining and the insider/outsider model
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Set 4
Efficiency wages and personnel economics
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Set 5
EPL, unemployment benefits and active labour market policies
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Set 5 - supplement
Legge Fornero
Riforma del mercato del lavoro.pptx
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Set 6
Acemoglu & Autor 2011
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Interesting Readings


1) Spead on the Kindom of Naples debt at the time of the "Mille" expedition ( Dec.27, 2011).

2) Diverging competitiveness among EU nations: Constraining wages is the key ( Jan. 19, 2012)

24mattino - July 17th 2012
An inside view from Sicily. Andrea Vecchio, Assessore alle Infrastrutture della Regione Sicilia, talks about bad administration in Sicily
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